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Tax Problems

In addition to preparing personal and business tax returns in an effort to get you current and compliant with the government, we also provide counsel and represent you or your business before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Florida Department of Revenue (FDOR) with represent to all your tax matters.

Because dealing with the IRS or FDOR can be a confusing and scary process, we assist our clients by taking a comprehensive approach in resolving their tax problems. We will guide you through the process, keeping you informed as we work towards a practical and complete resolution for your tax problem.

At Williams & Associates, P.A., we care about efficiently assisting our clients, protecting their rights, and providing them with the peace of mind that we will see them through their tax problems until the very end.

With over forty-five years of combines tax related experience, our team can assist you with your tax problems, including:

  • Private Letter Rulings
  • Penalty Abatements
  • Trust Fund Recovery Penalties
  • Tax Disputes
  • Help non-filers become current and compliant with taxing authorities
  • Preparing and filing past due tax returns (business and personal)
  • Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Programs
  • Offshore Bank Accounts
  • Set up payment arrangements or installment agreements
  • Liens and Levy Removal
  • Offers In Compromise
  • IRS Fresh Start Program – If your tax liability is between $5,000 to $50,000, then you may not need to hire a tax lawyer! Under the new fresh start initiatives with the IRS, you can set up your own installment agreement with the IRS by clicking this link.
  • Audit and Collection Defense
  • Appeals Representation
  • Criminal Tax Investigations
  • Tax Fraud Investigations
  • Tax Court Litigation
  • Florida Department of Revenue representation
  • Cancellation of Debt Income Issues
  • Payroll tax assessments
  • Tax Exempt Status Revocation Issues

We Are Your Tax Problem Solver

By educating you and guiding you throughout your tax problem, our team of attorneys are interested in helping to empower you. Are you unsure if you have a tax problem?

Call and schedule an initial consultation with us at our Tallahassee, Florida, law office by calling 850-270-0695 or sending us an email.