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Understanding Florida Probate Starts With Clear Answers From Our Attorneys

Probate is a process supervised by the court in which a personal representative (executor) is charged with carrying out a person’s wishes after their death. This means the executor generally collects the decedent’s assets, pays their debts and finally distributes the decedent’s remaining assets as instructed by the decedent’s last will and testament.If someone passes away without an estate plan, they are considered to have died “intestate.” When this happens, their assets are distributed according to whatever state and municipal laws apply to them, after their debts are paid.

When working with our team, we will clearly explain the probate process as it pertains to your situation. Like any other area of the law, no two cases are exactly alike. That is why we take the time to listen, gather information and work closely with you throughout.

When Probate Gets Messy, We Will Be There To Clean Up

In most cases, probate proceedings are straightforward, but things can get complicated if the deceased died intestate or if there is a will contest. As your attorneys, we can help you avoid getting caught up in a prolonged process when assets are tied up.

Overall, the probate process is tedious and can take a long time to complete. Many people we work with during probate quickly realize the importance of proper estate planning and the numerous benefits it can have when minimizing or even eliminating the probate process.

We Can Help You Spare Your Family Probate Pains With An Estate Plan

At Williams & Associates, P.A., we are a boutique tax law firm concentrating in tax, business, probate, guardianship and other estate planning matters. Our lawyers can help with designing and implementing an efficient estate plan that will minimize or eliminate the probate process. We also can assist the personal representative with the probate process and carrying out your loved one’s estate plan.

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