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Sale Of Your Business

So you have decided it is time to sell your business. You engaged a business broker, and he or she has now found a buyer. Or you have located a new business and want to purchase the business. The business broker is suggesting that you buy or sell using their form purchase and sale agreement. Be careful about trying to accomplish the purchase or sale of a business without proper legal help.

We Are Here To Relieve The Stress Of Selling Your Business

There is an endless pit of problems that can result from not having proper legal counsel in such circumstances:

  • What is it that you are buying?
  • What are the tax consequences to the manner in which you have structured the acquisition?
  • Are you obtaining or providing seller financing? If so, what happens if you are not paid?
  • Are you going to get back the same business you sold, or are you going to get back a worthless bunch of equipment?
  • What about the unknown liabilities of the business? Who is responsible for those? And for how long?

Have our business lawyers assist you with addressing these questions and the many pitfalls that can happen after the deal is closed.

When It Is Time To Sell, It Is Time To Call Us

Williams & Associates, P.A., is a boutique tax law firm concentrating in tax, business and estate planning matters. Our lawyers, including a former Internal Revenue Agent, can help you through the purchase and/or sale process so that future surprises can be minimized. Please contact us at 850-270-0695 or 888-390-0172 to arrange an initial consultation where we can discuss how we might be able to help.